May 20, 2019


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Appointment Of A Service Provider For Beitbridge Site Establishment


Appointment Of A Service Provider For Beitbridge Site Establishment


Broadband Infraco has an urgent requirement to relocate the Beitbridge POP that has been prone to vandalism and breaking in. The POP is currently situated in an isolated and unsafe area far from the border area.

Broadband Infraco recently hired a security company to guard the Pop at a very high cost. To avoid un necessary security costs, theft of batteries and equipment, and vandalism of the POP Broadband Infraco has identified a more secure area closer to the Eskom substation and residential area where the PoP is proposed to be relocated.

Broadband Infraco has an opportunity to install a bigger container which will allow for colocation services in the new site and to install a mast which will be useful in the next phase of SA Connect project.

Scope of Work Summary for Beitbridge Site Establishment:

The scope of work covers the following:

  1. Site surveys
  2. New site establishment with 15m x 10m fence plus retainer wall, 4m x 7m
  3. concrete plinth for container.
  4. Build Concrete Plinth for 15m Mast
  5. Supply and installation of the Mast with certificate from qualified and
    registered structural engineer.
  6. Build Concrete plinth for Fixed Standby Generator
  7. Trenching for fibre cable within the site and installing 110mm sleeves.
  8. Trenching, ducting and power manhole for power cable from provided AC
    source to container.
  9. Supply and Installation of Power cable and issuance of COC (connection to
    the container DB) – (Note container won’t be on site during site establishment)
  10. Trenching and ducting for Standby Generator cables
  11. Supply/ build draw boxes as per the BBI specification


ATTENTION: Zanele Sibiya



  • Broadband Infraco standard conditions of purchase shall apply.
  • No services must be rendered, or goods delivered before an official Broadband Infraco Purchase Order form has been received.
  • Late and incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
  • Any bidder who has reasons to believe that the RFQ specification is based on a specific brand must inform Broadband Infraco before RFQ closing date.

Closing Date: 04 June 2019 At 12h00 (South African Time).

Please take note that this is a confidential request and you are requested to treat all information, including this Request for Proposals as confidential and you must not discuss or divulge this information to any 3rd party without our written permission.

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