Broadband Infraco Appoints Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

February 20, 2019


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Broadband Infraco is proud to welcome Phumza Dyani as its Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO)

Broadband Infraco is proud to welcome Phumza Dyani as its Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO), effective January 2018. Phumza is a seasoned Executive with vast experience spanning across “Blue Chip” companies in the Financial and Professional Services, FMCG accompanied by over 15 years spent in the ICT industry.

She holds a Bcomm (Accounting) degree, an MBA and a myriad of other qualifications. A goal orientated and driven leader, Phumza drives performance through developing strong, high performing teams.

“Phumza is well positioned to improve, manage and diversify our growth strategy and revenue streams. We anticipate benefitting immensely from her extensive experience in driving Sales growth and acquisition strategies in both Private and Public-Sector sales that will see us cement our space among the best in this fast-growing industry”, said Broadband Infraco CEO, Andrew Matseke.

About Broadband Infraco

Broadband Infraco SOC is a licensed state owned company in the telecommunications sector. The entity provides long distance national and international connectivity to licensed private sector partners, license-exempt project of national importance and to previously underserviced areas.

It is focused on improving market efficiency in the long distance connectivity segment by increasing available long distance network infrastructure, providing available capacity to stimulate private sector innovation in telecommunications services and content offerings.

The company aims to expand the availability and affordability of access to national and international wholesale broadband connectivity to licensed and license-exempt customers. In addition, it seeks to unlock economic growth in the provinces through the provision of broadband connectivity considering the requirements of the underdeveloped and under-serviced areas.

Braodband Infraco is assisting in enabling national, provincial and regional private and public collaboration and partnerships in the promotion of infrastructure development.

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Broadband Infraco at the 14th Annual ICT Summit

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