Co Sourcing Of Internal Audit Services

October 18, 2019


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Co Sourcing Of Internal Audit Services


You Are Hereby Invited To Submit A Quotation For Co Sourcing Of
Internal Audit Services For A Period Of Six (6) Months.



  • To ensure delivery of the audits as per the approved audit plan 2019/20;
    Bringing in a professional, or a team of professionals in internal auditing, can help us to Improve audit project delivery in a given time frame;
  • By working with an assured firm that offers an organized and streamlined approach, our team can adopt certain approaches and philosophies to help stay on point daily for better ongoing efficiency and easier preparation for future internal audits;
  • The internal audit co-sourcing firm features various specialized auditing experts with specific and essential knowledge to benefit our Internal Audit Function;
  • Bringing in an outside contractor offers us a fresh pair of eyes, a crisp perspective, and the expertise to make recommendations when noting inconsistencies and other issues; and
  • Will bring in external high-level experience which can play a peer role into financial, operational and industry risks outside of your organization to help determine how they might impact your business, given the internal audit information at hand.


Broadband Infraco SOC Limited requires the services of an audit firm to perform the Internal audits for a Six (6) months period.

The Internal Audit services provided will be performed on behalf of the BBI Internal Audit Services, in terms with IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards).

The appointed audit firm will be required to perform all statutory audit work for Broadband Infraco SOC Limited, as follows:

  • Conduct General Audits which cover Compliance Audits and Financial audits;
  • Conduct the entire audit process that covers; planning, execution and reporting;
  • Review the Combined Assurance Policy and Model and Create awareness of the value add of internal audit and the impact on the organization in achieving its objectives; and
  • Report the completed audits for EXCO and Audit and Risk Committee.


ATTENTION: Zanele Sibaya

Only bidders with B-BBEE status level contributor of 1 with at least 51% Black Owned Ownership and Level 2 with at least 51% Black Owned Ownership will be regarded as acceptable and will be shortlisted for further evaluation.

Closing Date: 28 October 2019 At 12h00 (South African Time).

Please take note that this is a confidential request and you are requested to treat all information, including this Request for Proposals as confidential and you must not discuss or divulge this information to any 3rd party without our written permission.

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Broadband Infraco Annual Report

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