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Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Broadband Infraco runs a state of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC) at Broadband Infraco’s Woodmead Head Office, providing large screen views of the network, detailed reporting on Service level agreements (SLAs) and a customer support centre.

The NOC continuously monitors the network and ensures that all SLAs with Broadband Infraco’s customers are met through a combination of the use of alternative routes to ensure services are available and the prompt use of the Broadband Infraco maintenance organisation to repair faults in the shortest possible timeframes.

Disaster Recovery NOC is a service where customers can utilise our premises to monitor their networks in cases of disaster.

Disaster Recovery service offering options:

  • Option 1: Provide own internet & equipment i.e. printer, telephone.
  • Option 2: Utilize Broadband Infraco’s internet and equipment.

Third Party Fibre Optic Network Monitoring and Maintenance Services

This product is inclusive of the following services:

  • Fibre optic monitoring., Preventative/routine & Post-fault/corrective maintenance.


Benefits to Customers:

  • Cost saving as the customer does not have to duplicate on personnel,
    equipment, offices and vehicles.
  • High network availability and reliability ensuring delivery of an acceptable quality of service and compliance with the performance metrics specified in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Broadband Infraco’s skilled technical staff is able to provide support 24/7.
  • Reduced operational costs with the outsourced operations and maintenance services
Broadband Infraco Network Operations Centre

State of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC) at Broadband Infraco’s Woodmead Head Office

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