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National Connectivity

Broadband Infraco’s National Long Distance Network covers all nine provinces, most major cities and towns.

Broadband Infraco’s national connectivity ties together business and technology with streamlined network deployment approach with regards to the bandwidth market commoditization strategy. Broadband Infraco’s key goal surrounding this network is to provide a compelling combination of telecommunications transport and value added services in the marketplace.

These goals are the foundation of our solution, and include:

  • A field-proven, next-generation, multi-services delivery platform as the foundation for the Broadband Infraco optical transport network;
  • Designing and implementing a network platform that minimizes capital investments and operational costs, while providing a superior ability to create, market, and deliver new services;
  • Building a flexible and open architecture to provide competitive advantages through increased service velocity, carrier class network reliability and the ability to offer end customers radical economics;
  • Rapidly deploying a major nationwide end to end Network, utilizing scalable designs and platforms – which will be needed to support the proliferation of 2.5Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb connectivity within the metro areas.

Broadband Infraco’s fibre optic network currently comprises approximately 15 000km of fibre and 156 Points of Presence (PoPs) countrywide.

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